Experts by Week

Each week three experts, plus one character from the play, and a healthcare expert will be online to answer questions on the themes surrounding the Hungry play.

20th–26th January

Sarah Jose

PhD Student, University of Bristol

I'm a Scientist Hungry Zone Scientist“I work on how barley, an important crop plant, retains water… Climate change means that fresh water is likely to become even more scarce. By looking at how plants maximise the water they take in we hope to make crops more drought-proof. This could be by genetically modifying plants like the rice in the play, or simply by breeding from crops that can already survive in dry areas.”

Liz Wells

Researcher, Hull York Medical School

I'm a Scientist Hungry Zone Scientist“I am a Dietitian currently working for Hull York medical school on a project called HONEI (Humber, obesity, nutrition, education and innovation). In addition to being a practicing and state registered Dietitian, I deliver lectures for various faculties at the University, design and run clinical trials and have a wide range of previous NHS experience.”

Emilie Combet

Lecturer, Glasgow University

I'm a Scientist Hungry Zone Scientist“I am a lecturer in nutrition at the University of Glasgow. My work is quite varied, including elements of food science, food reformulation (projects like the nutritionally-balanced pizza), nutritional biochemistry relevant to non-communicable diseases, and finally obesity trends… it looks at how food ingredients and food reformulation can affect health, or are perceived by the public.”

More experts will be added to this page as the line-ups for the later weeks are confirmed. Watch this space!