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We’re looking for scientists and healthcare professionals working around food, nutrition, food security, and food and lifestyle related diseases, to take part in the Hungry Zone of I’m a Scientist in early 2014.

What is the Hungry Zone?

The Hungry Zone is a bit different to regular I’m a Scientist zones. ‘Hungry’ by playwright Sarah Daniels, is a Theatre of Debate production for schools, which explores issues around food and behaviour change, targeting Key Stage 4 students aged 14+. Have a read of the play synopsis to find out more.

The Hungry Zone is running alongside the performances, giving students the opportunity to ask questions on the topics raised by the play to a group of experts.

How does it work?

The play tours the UK for 11 weeks between January and April 2014. Each week there will be a different mix of five experts, made up of three scientists, one healthcare professional and one character from the play, to answer students’ questions online. During their ‘active’ week, experts will interact online in two ways: through questions (like this), and through moderated live chats during school hours. There’s no voting this time.

Why take part?

The zone gives students a voice to ask questions they might have kept to themselves after the performance. Scientists and healthcare professionals see what questions and concerns the students have about the social, environment and health issues around food and behavioural change.

For scientists it’s a great way to practice communication skills. The format helps you hone your messages and work out the best ways to explain your work to a wide audience, but in a flexible format designed to work around your availability.


If you take part you’ll be ‘live’ on the site for 1 or 2 weeks (depending on how much time you’ve got available) out of the 11. You’ll answer questions and take part in live chats with the schools. We expect the time commitment will be up to an hour a day for the week or two when you are ‘live’. And as it’s online you can answer questions whenever and wherever you happen to be.

Next steps

If you can help out, email a few details about you Josh at Please include where you work, your availability over the 11 weeks listed below, and a couple of sentences summarising your research and how it relates to the issues around food and behaviour change.

Week 1: 13th – 19th January (Experts selected)

Week 2: 20th – 26th January (Experts selected)

Week 3: 27th January – 2nd February

Week 4: 3rd – 9th February

Week 5: 10th – 16th February

(Week 6: HALF TERM)

Week 7: 24th February – 2nd March

Week 8: 3rd – 9th March

Week 9: 10th – 16th March

Week 10: 17th – 23rd March

Week 11: 24th – 30th March

Week 12: 31st March – 6th April

Every expert will have an online profile (with picture and short bio) and we’ll allocate which weeks the experts will be ‘live’ in, depending on your ability. If you want to know more please give us a call on 01225 326892.

Update: 16th Jan

We’ve selected our experts for the first couple of weeks, but we’re still looking for people for the later weeks! If you’re a hungry scientist, email Josh at, with your availability and a few sentences about your research.

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