The ‘Hungry’ touring performance explores a lot of issues around hunger, obesity and health. The Hungry Zone is a site where your students can ask questions raised by play, to a team of health and behaviour change experts, online.

What is the Hungry Zone?

There are 2 main parts, both of which can only be accessed by students who have been given access through their teacher having booked a Hungry play performance through the theatre company.

  1. Students ask questions through the ASK section of the site. The experts will try and answer them as soon as possible. All questions are moderated and anything rude, and any personal details, will be removed. 
  2. You book half hour long live chat sessions for your classes. There’s more info about these on the right hand side of this page. To book one, make sure you’re logged in and fill in the booking form here.

Why take part?

  1. Being online, it gives every student a voice to ask questions they might have kept to themselves after the performance.
  2. It allows students to find out more about the social, environment and health issues raised by the performance.
  3. Students can explore how the characters’ experiences relate to what real scientists are currently researching about hunger and obesity.
  4. It enhances learning around the science topics covered by the Hungry play.

Who answers the questions?

Each week there will be 5 experts ‘live’ to answer questions and take part in live chats.

  1. 3 scientists working in food and behaviour change (think nutrition, food security, food and lifestyle related diseases). They will answer the majority of questions from your students.
  2. 1 character from the play – Ashley, Ruby, Suzanne or Xavier. The theatre company behind ‘Hungry’ will answer any questions directly relating to scenes in the play and relationships between characters.
  3. 1 trained healthcare professional, including ChildLine’s Ask Sam service. While the majority of questions will be on the science behind the play, given the subject matter we expect there will be a small number of questions of a fairly personal nature asked. We don’t expect the scientists to answer these (they’re not qualified in this area) and instead will refer them to the experienced professional live that week.

Take part with your students

If the Hungry tour is visiting your school for a performance, contact Adele (adele.geddes@ytouring.org.uk or 0207 520 3090) and let her know you’d like your students to take part in the online question zone too. We’ll then book your live chats in and give you log in details, and instructions on how to register your students too.

“I’d ask a question, and they’d give me an answer, and then I’d have loads more questions, and then more” – Student, West Thames College

Take Part!

Students will ask our team of 5 food & nutrition experts questions, and have half hour Live Chats with the experts from January until Easter 2014. The 5 experts will be made up of 3 food, nutrition & health scientists, a healthcare professional and a character from the play.

I'm a Scientist Live Chat

A Live Chat in action!

We’re offering live chats give your students the opportunity to ask questions about issues raised in the Hungry performance to a team of experts, live. Many teachers tell us that quieter students are more active in live chats than face to face and it can be an interesting change to class dynamics. You can book your live chats here.